Are you about to move into your newly constructed home? How’s the house condition? People do not realize how dirty a construction site can be.

Construction sites include dust, dirt, dried paint, and mud. You will never know how much dirt a site has until you start to clean it.

Your construction sites will see many places with dried paint or mud during cleaning. You need to pay extra attention when cleaning these areas. If you leave dried paint on a surface, another painter will have to sand off that.

Keep reading to learn post-construction cleaning tips.

1. Use a Drop Cloth Before Cleaning

You’ve just finished building your home! The paint is dry and the carpet has been installed. You aren’t ready to move in. However, you still need to clean it up before your friends come over for a celebration.

You should use drop cloths and protectors when you are doing construction cleaning. A drop cloth is a thin layer of plastic or tarp covering a surface before painting. It protects floors, furniture and walls from damage from the new material.

Drop cloths are also commonly used in painting and other construction tasks. This is especially true for hardwood or laminate floors, which can get scratched by furniture or dirty shoes.

If you hire any company to handle your post-construction cleaning, be sure to ask them about their process. Are they going to use a drop cloth? If not, why?

If so, you should ask what kind of material it will be made of and if it will be cleaned after each use.

2. Open Windows and Doors

After a construction project is complete, most homeowners are inclined to open up their windows and doors. This is to air out their home and make it feel new again. This is a great idea, but you should take extra care to protect your newly-installed windows and doors.

Dust, debris, and even bugs can cause damage.

Your new windows and doors are highly susceptible to damage during this time. Dust and debris can get stuck in between the two layers of glass of your door or window. Additionally, bugs may crawl into your home through the open window and make a nest.

According to the EPA, buildings comprise 50% of our indoor air pollutants. These pollutants include allergens, bacteria, spores, pollen, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), dust mites, and mold spores. To eliminate these pollutants, open your windows and doors during post-construction cleaning.

3. Rough Clean to Remove Contractors Leftovers

There is a common misconception that contractors will do excellent cleaning up after construction. This is not the case. Contractors are looking to finish their job as soon as possible.

They will just clean up what’s in the way so they can move on to the next project.

You might be surprised at the amount of dust, debris, and adverse effects left behind.

4. Start From the Top

The secret to successful post-construction cleaning is to start with the top. Start by cleaning the roof, then move down to the gables, windows and lastly, the foundation. It may sound counter-intuitive, but it works.

When you clean from the top down, you move dirt off the building. It means that you are not putting excessive amounts of dirt on your floor.

You also have to pressure wash it all off. Moving dirt from the top down also allows gravity to help pull water off.

Starting at the bottom is simple, but it usually takes more time. That’s because you’ll have to spend more time cleaning up after yourself as you go.

5. Dust Everything

Dust is a significant factor in indoor air pollution. It can have adverse effects on your health and well-being. If you are already suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, it can worsen.

While most people don’t think about it, dust is created during construction and post-construction activities.

The dust comes from drywall, wood, flooring, and roofing materials during construction. Post-construction cleaning can also introduce a lot of dust into the home.

6. Vacuum All of It

The vacuuming method will be the last step of your post-construction cleaning protocol. There are many reasons to vacuum a house after construction is complete.

Since the floors have just been finished, you get to see the quality of your work in a new light. This helps you find any flaws you may have missed during the building process.

Vacuuming also removes dust and debris. If you skip cleaning and pest control during construction, then vacuuming will help you catch up on any debris left behind by pests.

Finally, vacuuming will prepare your home for move-in day!

7. Consider Hiring Post-Construction Cleaning Professionals

One way to save time and money is to hire post-construction cleaning professionals. The right cleaning service can address the specific needs of your property.

Typically, construction sites are in a state of chaos and disarray. Hiring a commercial construction cleaning company is an excellent idea to protect your investment.

Post-construction cleaning is a service that many homeowners don’t realize they need until the last stages of a renovation. After months or years of renovations, dust and dirt have accumulated, making a space look unsightly.

Many homeowners hire their construction cleaning services based on word of mouth. Alternatively, they search online for “post-construction cleaning” in their area.

Many companies provide this service. One particular company stands out: Golden Maid. We offer a level of professionalism that is unmatched.

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Cleaning is something that everyone will do at least once in their life. However, very few know how to do it properly. Most people are not aware that there are different types of cleaning.

Apart from regular house cleaning services, there are also specialized tasks involved in post-construction cleaning services.

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