Do you ever look around your house and wonder how the dust built up so fast? Didn’t you just clean it?

Without efficient methods and materials, dust accumulates faster than it should.

Learn the best ways to keep the dust mites at bay. You don’t have to increase the number of times you dust, just the way you do it. Less dust means less sneezing and a cleaner home.

Ready to win the battle against dust in your house? Enjoy a dust-free home with these effective dusting tips.

1. Top to Bottom

Use gravity to your advantage when dusting. Top to bottom cleaning means starting with the tallest items in your room first. For most, that includes crown molding, ceiling fans, and the tops of bookshelves.

As you clean those items, the dust falls to a lower level.

By the time you’ve reached the bottom of your bookshelves and baseboards, most of the dust will be on the ground. A simple sweep, vacuum, and mop finishes the job.

2. Put Home Goods to Use

You don’t need to go buy special dusters or tools to clean your home. In fact, some of the best cleaning tools are already laying around your house.

For example, take a spare pillowcase and slide a panel from the ceiling fan into it. Compress it on both sides as you pull the pillowcase off the panel. This pulls the dust off and forces it to land in the case, not on the floor.

To clean baseboards without hurting your back, grab a sock and a broomstick. Put one end of the broomstick in the sock and spray it with water. Run the sock along baseboards, door jams, and under appliances.

3. Keep Ducts Clean

Every time air circulates through your home, dust lifts and re-settles. If your air vents and ducts are dirty, they add more dust to the airflow.

Remember to replace air filters every month. Take out filters and vent covers for a good cleaning every week or so.

If your ducts haven’t gotten cleaned in a long time, you might need the big guns. Consider hiring a professional to clean out your air vents and ducts so you can start fresh.

4. Teeny Tiny Items

What about all those little items that a normal duster won’t clean? Knick-knacks, figurines, and crystal sculptures all accumulate dust like it’s their day jobs.

Running a feather duster over these items won’t do the trick.

Instead, get a toothbrush you no longer use to scrub out the crevices. If it’s a delicate item, use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Paintbrushes are also a super useful tool. And they come in a variety of sizes for different items.

Interested in Learning More Dusting Tips?

Not only does dust make your home look dirty, but it can trigger allergies. It’s important to keep the dust levels in your home at bay.

By using the dusting tips above, you can dust more efficiently. That means you can spend less time dusting and more time living in a clean home.

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