You’ve thrown the house party of the year and the entire neighborhood will be talking about how great of a host you were for years to come. You planned, you hosted, and you succeeded. Now, it’s time to clean. 

A survey found that 78% of American homeowners believe there’s a direct link between the tidiness of their home and their well-being. Three-quarters agree that their stress levels seem to rise when the inside of their homes are messy and 70% believe the same is true when their homes’ exteriors are messy as well. 

Hosting a party can help boost serotonin levels, improve mood, and extend your social life, but when the party’s over, it’s time to get down to business. The last thing you want is a now messy home affecting your mental health. Grab your broom and continue reading below.

Here’s everything you need to know about post-party cleaning!

Use Disposable Items and Toss Them

This first word of advice is something you’d want to know before hosting your party, but it’s still worth mentioning. To save yourself from spending hours cleaning dishes, be sure to provide disposable plates, cups, and silverware to all your party guests. Keep your cabinets closed and set out all of the disposable items for guests to use. 

You should also make sure you provide more trashcans than normal, so everyone can easily toss out their trash. Once the party’s over, walk around your home tossing out any trash and garbage that didn’t make it into a trashcan. Using disposable items makes this part of the cleanup super easy!

Contact Friends and Family to Pick Up Leftovers

Whether you slaved away over the stovetop or spend a good amount of money ordering catering, one thing’s for sure: you have a lot of leftovers. Having leftovers isn’t always a bad thing, though. Take out your storage containers and fill a few of them with all the best food left over. 

Make yourself a leftover plate first before contacting friends and family to come to make their own plates as well. This helps you clear out your kitchen and refrigerator. You can also consider supplying party guests with styrofoam containers for them to take food with them before leaving too. 

Open Windows and Use Fans

Before you start the cleanup process, it’s ideal to open the windows and turn on the fans in your home. Let the stale party air out and the fresh air in. Letting the fresh air in while you clean can help eliminate odors and reduce the amount of exposure to chemicals from the cleaners you use. 

Consider propping open an exterior door as well to let in optimal natural light and clean air. 

Gather All Cleaning Tools/Supplies

Having the right cleaning tools on hand is essential when cleaning your home, especially when after-party cleaning. Have all your cleaning tools/supplies in one place where you can easily access them as needed. Using a basket or caddy of some sort that you can carry with you is ideal.

Here are a few cleaning supplies you might need for your after-party cleanup.

  • broom and vacuum cleaner
  • mop
  • dustpan
  • garbage bags
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • microfiber cloth
  • paper towels
  • furniture cleaner

If you don’t have all of these cleaning items, then be sure to make a quick trip to the store before you start cleaning. 

Remove All Trash and Decorations 

Now that you have your cleaning supplies ready, the first thing you want to do is create a mess-free and clutter-free space. You don’t want to try to clean surfaces while working around trash and party decor items still lying around. Instead, start by removing all trash and decorations from your house. 

Aside from the normal disposable cups and plates, there might be some other trash items you find around the house. Throw everything out and then empty all smaller trashcans into the bigger ones and remove the trash from your home. If decorations are reusable, then take them down and place them in a storage container in the closet for later use. 

Once there are no trash or decor items left in your home, you can start scrubbing!

Clean and Sanitize All Surfaces

You want to clean from top to bottom. This way, any dirt, crumbs, or dust will fall down onto a lower surface that you haven’t cleaned yet. This prevents you from doing more work than needed. 

Not only do you want to clean the surfaces, but you want to sanitize them as well. Make sure the cleaning product you use is appropriate for each surface you use it on and has sanitizing properties. 

Tackle the Dirty Floors

After cleaning all of the surfaces in your home, make your way to the floor. This should be the last surface you clean. Start by sweeping the floor and using your dustpan to remove crumbs. You can then go over the floors with your vacuum to ensure there are no crumbs or dirt particles left. 

After you vacuum, take your mop and carefully mop the floors ensuring you remove any sticky spots or stubborn stains. 

Hire Professional Maid Services

Tidying up your home after a small get-together doesn’t take much time or effort. However, cleaning your entire house after a large party is a big job to do alone. When you want your home to quickly transition back to its pre-party state, look no further than hiring professional maid services. 

Professional house cleaners can provide you with a list of cleaning services that could be beneficial for post-party cleanup! You can let the professionals tackle the difficult cleaning tasks while you focus on other important post-party aspects. 

When the House Party Ends, the Cleaning Begins

It’s all fun and games until the party ends and the cleaning begins! If you need help cleaning and sanitizing your home after hosting a large house party, then be sure to contact the Golden Maid. We offer a variety of cleaning services to ensure your home’s the way it was before the party started. 

Request a quote today to see how we can help you!