The bathroom is like the doom room when it comes to cleaning. Here are some genius bathroom cleaning hacks to make the chore manageable.

Dirty toilets, dirty sinks, dirty bathrooms, dirty floors! There’s nothing worse than cleaning a bathroom that you should have cleaned days ago. That’s not a knock on you, rather a knock on all of us. Who doesn’t procrastinate their cleaning?

After all, no one wants to scrub toilets. But what if we told you there was another way. A way to clean your bathroom that makes the chore much more manageable?

Today, we’re bringing you our top bathroom cleaning hacks.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: Stained Marble

First on our list of bathroom cleaning hacks, we’re talking about spills.

Spills happen in the bathroom, and they often happen on your porcelain or marble surfaces. Your sink and floor especially are prime spill zones. Though as you know, marble stains are forever, unless…

You’re using bleach. A bleach soaked paper towel is the perfect way to remove marble stains. Just let the towel soak overnight on the bleach, and voila! The stain disappears.

Soap Scum, No More!

Soap scum builds up on everything. If you have children, it’s all over bath toys. If you don’t, there’s probably still scum on the walls or bath fixtures. Even the toughest cleaners can’t beat the scum.

Enter vinegar. Vinegar is not only organic but also makes quick work of soap scum. Soak the soap scum in vinegar and watch the residue vanish.

Wet Walls no More

You might not realize it, but there’s a chance your bathroom walls retain moisture. When you take a hot shower steam sticks to your walls. If you’re lacking adequate ventilation you’ll end up with wet walls.

Moisture that doesn’t dissipate fast enough can cause mold on your walls. Try using a mop to dry wet walls and a mop soaked in bleach to kill any visible mold.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a huge pain. You can’t run the faucet and unclogging the drain means heading the Home Depot for some Drain-O, right? Nope! You can unclog your drains using common household items.

Boil some water, add some vinegar, and drop in four (or more) Alka-Seltzer tablets. The fizzing action combined with the hot water and vinegar will help the clog break free.

Cleaning Your Mirrors

Remember how we talked about your bathroom getting steamy? Hot showers cause condensation to form on your mirror. That condensation collects dust, dirt, and grime that eventually creates a gross film.

To easily clean your mirror, brew a cup of black tea. Tea? Yes, tea, but specifically black tea. Dip a towel in the tea and get to wiping. The tannic acid in the tea cuts right through mirror grime.

Hire a Maid!

The best of our bathroom cleaning hacks, hiring a maid gets your bathroom clean without you lifting a finger. If you’re in the market for a maid service, get in touch with us. We know clean, and would love to make your bathroom shine!