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Elm Grove, WI House Cleaning and Maid Services

Golden Maid provides homeowners in Elm Grove, WI with a reliable, high-quality cleaning service every time.

Golden Maid is a licensed, bonded, and insured provider of home cleaning services throughout Elm Grove, WI and the Greater Milwaukee area.

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How long has Golden Maid been providing cleaning services?2021-06-28T19:13:53+00:00

We started our business 19 years ago and are Milwaukee’s best house cleaning company.

Are Golden Maid’s housekeepers employees or sub-contractors?2021-06-28T19:16:51+00:00

Our housekeepers are GoldenMaid employees. They are thoroughly screened and professionally trained.

Are background checks conducted on your employees?2021-06-28T19:20:59+00:00

Yes. A thorough background check is performed on each employee prior to them being hired.

If I refer your business to my family, friends, or co-workers, do you provide a discount?2021-06-28T19:22:44+00:00

Yes, for every recurring customer you refer to our company we will provide you with a 50% discount.

Is Golden Maid insured and bonded?2021-06-28T19:23:44+00:00

Yes. Our customer’s safety is our top priority.

What forms of payments does Golden Maid accept?2021-06-28T19:25:11+00:00

We accept checks, credit cards, and online payments (Zelle).

When am I required to pay?2021-06-28T19:26:21+00:00

You will pay for your cleaning services on the day that your services are received.

Is signing a contract required?2021-06-28T19:28:17+00:00

No, Golden Maid does not require you to sign a contract. Our customers can cancel their cleaning services at any time.

Is Golden Maid part of a franchise?2021-06-28T20:43:05+00:00

No. Golden Maid is an owner-operated business.

What do I have to do with my pets while my cleaning service is being done?2021-06-28T20:46:33+00:00

Your pets are very important to us. It isn’t a problem to have cats in your home. In many cases, dogs can do well around housekeepers. However, sometimes they can become agitated from the sound of the vacuum. In order to ensure the safety of both your pets and your housekeeper, we recommend that your pets be taken to a kennel.

Am I required to be home when the housekeeper is here cleaning?2021-06-28T20:48:02+00:00

Not necessarily. You don’t have to but if you would like to be home you can be if there is nowhere else you need to be and there are no errands that you need to run.

What happens if I forget to leave the payment for my cleaning services?2021-06-28T20:50:01+00:00

On your cleaning day, if you forget to leave a payment, we will charge your credit card that is on file.

What do I need to provide for the cleaning service?2021-06-28T20:50:55+00:00

We genuinely care about all of our customers’ and their families’ well-being and health. We recommend that you have a cobweb brush, a toilet brush in each bathroom, and a vacuum for the carpets in order to minimize the amount of germs that get left in your home from equipment used in multiple houses.

What if I need to skip my cleaning service?2021-06-28T20:51:49+00:00

In order to skip your scheduled cleaning service, you just need to contact us at least 24 hours before it is due. When you skip your cleaning service, you are charged an extra $45 the next time you receive our services. Consider the schedule you signed up for to receive cleaning services.

What if I need my cleaning service to be done on a different day?2021-06-28T20:52:54+00:00

You can definitely change the day of your cleaning service. If possible, please provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice.

Do I have to tip your housekeeper?2021-06-28T20:53:42+00:00

Not necessarily. However, we definitely will appreciate it if you would like to show your appreciation for good work.

What are the differences between Deluxe Top to Bottom Cleaning Services and General/Maintenance Services?2021-06-28T20:54:40+00:00

Our Deluxe Top to Bottom cleaning services are mainly provided on the first time that we do cleaning for a client or once a year for our regular customers. This is a very detailed cleaning service. Our service can be customized based on what the customer requests. All parts of the home that are not included in the maintenance/general cleaning service will be cleaned.

Do I need to provide the maid with a key or a garage code?2021-06-28T20:55:26+00:00

Golden Maid does not hold keys any longer. We prefer you provide us with a lockbox on the front door or a doorknob electronic combination.

What if the maid cannot get in?2021-06-28T20:56:32+00:00

You will be charged 50% of your written quote. We will try to return to your home on a different day. However, the same housekeeper who usually does your regular cleaning service may not be available.

Can I select the day and time of my cleaning service?2021-06-28T20:57:29+00:00

Yes, we will work closely with you to make sure this occurs.

Our Homeowners Say

Golden Maid has provided once-a-month cleaning for about 6 years. I recommend them to my friends. I have always been happy with their services.


Brief History on Elm Grove, WI

Elm Grove is a village in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, located west of Milwaukee. Originally inhabited by the Potawatomi and Menominee tribes, the area was settled in the mid-19th century by European immigrants, primarily from Germany and Ireland. The village was officially incorporated in 1955, taking its name from the once-abundant elm trees in the area. Initially a farming community, Elm Grove became popular with commuters as Milwaukee grew into an industrial center.

The Milwaukee-Watertown Plank Road, built in the mid-19th century, passed through the center of Elm Grove and made it easier for farmers to transport their goods to Milwaukee. This construction also attracted businesses and residents to the area. Elm Grove developed as a bedroom community in the 20th century, and today is known for its attractive homes, quiet, suburban atmosphere, and proximity to Milwaukee. It remains a desirable location for families and professionals seeking a peaceful place to call home while still having access to the economic and cultural opportunities of the nearby city.

Professional Maid and House Cleaners in Elm Grove, WI and the following zip codes: 53005, 53122. 

Things you can do and things to know in Elm Grove

  1. The Grotto: The Grotto is a natural limestone formation located in Elm Grove. It is a popular spot for hiking and exploring, and it is also said to be a place of spiritual significance.
  2. Village Park: Village Park is a beautiful green space in the heart of Elm Grove. It features a variety of amenities, including a playground, tennis courts, and a picnic area.
  3. Silver Spur Trail: The Silver Spur Trail is a hiking and biking trail that runs through Elm Grove and the surrounding area. It is a great way to explore the natural beauty of the area and get some exercise.
  4. Elm Grove Women’s Club: The Elm Grove Women’s Club is a historic organization that has been serving the community since 1896. It is dedicated to promoting education, philanthropy, and social events for women in the area.
  5. The Suburban Bourbon: The Suburban Bourbon is a popular restaurant and bar in Elm Grove that specializes in American cuisine and craft cocktails. It is a great place to grab a bite to eat and relax with friends or family.

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