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Fox Point, WI House Cleaning and Maid Services

Golden Maid provides homeowners in Fox Point, WI with a reliable, high-quality cleaning service every time.

Golden Maid is a licensed, bonded, and insured provider of home cleaning services throughout Fox Point, WI and the Greater Milwaukee area.

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Limited Use
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When Should I Pay For Your Services?2022-01-31T16:22:53+00:00

You’ll pay us on the very day you receive our cleaning services.

How long have you been providing cleaning services?2022-01-31T16:03:35+00:00

We are currently one of the best house cleaning companies in Milwaukee. Our business was founded 19 years ago.

Are the housekeepers of Golden Maid’s employees or subcontractors?2022-01-31T16:03:21+00:00

All our housekeepers are screened and professionally trained and are direct employees of the company.

Do you conduct background checks on your employees?2022-01-31T16:03:06+00:00

Yes, we conduct a thorough background check on each employee prior to hiring them.

Do you provide a discount if I recommend your business to my friends and co-workers?2022-01-31T16:02:51+00:00

Yes, we provide you with a 50% discount for every recurring client you refer to our service.

Is your company bonded and insured?2022-01-31T16:02:31+00:00

Yes. We consider customer safety our first priority at all times.

What are the payment types accepted by Golden Maid?2022-01-31T16:02:18+00:00

We accept online payments (Zelle) and credit cards.

When do I need to pay for your services?2022-01-31T16:01:31+00:00

You should pay for our services on the day you receive the service.

Do I need to sign a contract?2022-01-31T16:01:17+00:00

No, you don’t have to sign any contract with us. You have the right to cancel the service at any time.

Is your company part of a franchise?2022-01-31T16:01:02+00:00

No, we are an owner-operated business.

How will your cleaning staff handle my pets while they clean the house?2022-01-31T16:00:50+00:00

Your pets are important to us. Cats won’t be a problem when cleaning your house. Some dogs also do well around housekeepers. But some pets can get agitated due to the sound of the vacuum machine. We recommend taking your pets to a kennel to guarantee the safety of both your pets and the housekeeper.

Should I be at home when the housekeeper is cleaning my house?2022-01-31T16:00:25+00:00

No. But if you have nowhere else to go or no errands that you need to run, you can be at home while the cleaning is being done.

What will happen if I forget to leave the payment for the cleaning service?2022-01-31T16:00:10+00:00

In case you forget to leave the payment on the cleaning day, we will charge the credit card on file for that particular day.

What should I provide for the cleaning staff?2022-01-31T15:59:54+00:00

Our expert team genuinely cares for the health and well-being of the client as well as their family. Hence, we recommend that you have a toilet brush and a cobweb brush in every bathroom. You should also have a vacuum machine for the carpets. These tools are important to minimize the amount of germs that can enter your home by using equipment in multiple homes.

How can I cancel or reschedule my house cleaning service?2022-01-31T15:59:28+00:00

You should contact our team at least 24 hours before your cleaning is scheduled to cancel. If you skip your cleaning service, you will be charged an extra $45 the next time we clean your house. Make sure you stick to the cleaning schedule you signed up for when receiving our house cleaning services.

What if I need to do the house cleaning on a different day?2022-01-31T15:59:03+00:00

Yes, you can change the day of your house cleaning service. The most important thing is to give us at least 24 hours notice when changing the day of your house cleaning service.

Do I need to tip the housekeeper?2022-01-31T15:58:48+00:00

No. But you can always show your appreciation for good work by tipping the housekeeper. You can expect a better job the next time around by tipping the housekeeper.

What is the difference between General/Maintenance Services and Deluxe Top to Bottom Cleaning Services?2022-01-31T15:58:33+00:00

The Deluxe Top to Bottom cleaning service is a very detailed cleaning service that we perform the first time that we do the cleaning for a client. In fact, we do it once a year for our regular customers. We are prepared to customize our services depending on the requests of the client. All the areas of your home that are not included in the General/Maintenance Service will be cleaned in our Deluxe Top to Bottom cleaning service.

Should I provide the housekeeper with a key or a garage code?2022-01-31T15:58:17+00:00

We don’t hold keys any longer. Golden Maid prefers if you can provide us with a doorknob electronic combination or a lockbox on the front door.

What happens if your housekeeper cannot get in?2022-01-31T15:58:01+00:00

In case the housekeeper cannot get in to clean the house, you will be charged 50% of your written quote. The housekeeper will return to your home on a different day to do the cleaning. But the same maid who does the regular cleaning may not be available on that day.

Am I allowed to select the day & time of cleaning my house?2022-01-31T15:57:47+00:00

Yes, our team will work closely with the client to accommodate his/her requests.

Our Homeowners Say

Golden Maid has provided once-a-month cleaning for about 6 years. I recommend them to my friends. I have always been happy with their services.


The Benefits Of Maintaining A Clean Home

Maid Services in Fox Point, WI

If you are like many, you live a busy life. Because of this, maintaining a clean and organized home can be difficult. However, you need to do so to keep everyone in your home safe and healthy.

No matter if you’re looking to clear your home of harmful bacteria or you’re looking to gain more free space, there are various reasons to clean your home.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of cleaning your home that should convince you that it’s necessary.

1. Minimize Allergies

One of the main things you can get when you clean your home regularly is the ability to get rid of allergens. Unfortunately, many common allergens can build up in your home. It could be pet dander, dust, or something else. Regardless, you need to remove these things from your home. Otherwise, the people in your home will be negatively affected. This is especially true if people in your home suffer from allergies.

The best way to do this is by regularly dusting various surfaces throughout your home and swapping out the filter on your HVAC system. Doing all of these things and routinely cleaning your home will help to minimize allergens that can negatively affect your health.

2. Reduce Pests

All pests love homes that aren’t clean and organized. Therefore, if you allow your home to have a lot of spaces for these pests to live and accumulate, you’ll end up harboring more of them. By maintaining your home, you can make it less appealing to these pests to call their home.

By integrating a good and consistent cleaning routine into your life, you can minimize the worry of having to deal with various types of pests. By hiring a professional housekeeper, you can keep your entire home free of these pests by having everything consistently cleaned and organized.

3. Better Smelling Home

Unfortunately, having a messy home isn’t only unsightly, but it’s also smelly. When your home isn’t clean, it will likely have a foul odor permeating throughout. The best way to minimize the chances of having your home give off a foul smell is by cleaning it. That way, you can get rid of the musty smell that can stem from having an overgrowth of mold.

4. Less Stress

Another good thing that you can get from maintaining a cleaner home is the ability to minimize the stress you have to deal with in your life. Being surrounded by clutter is likely to make your stress skyrocket. By clearing out your home and de-cluttering your life, you’ll free up space which can free up stress. There is something about being surrounded by clutter that can clutter up your mind and cause you to have elevated stress levels.

5. Be Proud Of Your Home

No one wants to invite someone over if their home is a mess. After all, it’s embarrassing. If you are looking to improve the way you feel about your home, cleaning is the way to go. By having a clean home, you can invite guests over spontaneously without embarrassment. It will be a place that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.

When you hire us to handle your house cleaning, you can get the deep cleaning services you need to host friends or throw a party. When your home is clean and well organized, you can spend more of your time focusing on your guests and having fun rather than worrying about what others are thinking about your home.

6. Better Safety

There are a lot of things that can contribute to an unsafe living space when it comes to maintaining an unclean home. Not only is the air within your home healthy, but you have bacterial overgrowth and even the potential for trips and falls. Because of this, cleaning your home is essential to maintaining a safe place for your family to live.

Within the kitchen, all of the countertops should be routinely washed and disinfected. Likewise, any old expired, and rotten food should be trashed. By maintaining a cleaner home, you’ll be maintaining a safer home for your entire family.

7. Protect Your Biggest Investment

If you own your home, it’s likely one of your biggest investments. Likewise, all of the things in your home are investments, as well. Everything including your floors, furniture, fixtures, and appliances are all things you want to care for. With proper care, they can last a long time and maintain value. By not cleaning your home enough, you risk these investments depreciating fast.

By vacuuming your rugs, cleaning your furniture, and wiping down all of your appliances, you can keep your investments from depreciating quickly. All it takes is regular cleaning and you can maintain your investment(s) as well as possible.

8. Save Time

While deep cleaning is something that can take up a lot of your time, it’s also one of the best ways to minimize your daily cleaning requirements. After all, if your home is deep cleaned, you won’t need to spend every day doing cleaning tasks here and there. You want to ensure that your surroundings are properly cleaned and organized and that you are getting rid of dirt and dust regularly. Typically, with a good cleaning schedule, you should be able to make your cleaning much more time-efficient.

9. Calmer Environment

Another good thing you get from it is having a much more peaceful environment. By keeping your home better organized and cleaner, you should be able to make your home a much more peaceful and calm place to live. You’ll want to keep a clean and organized bedroom for a relaxing space conducive to better sleep.

10. Improved Air Quality

Dust, dirt, and allergens can permeate your air. This can negatively affect the quality of your indoor air. By wiping things down, dusting, and vacuuming carpets, you can improve your air quality drastically. You’ll have less dust floating around and no allergens causing respiratory problems in those living in your home.

Ready To Start Enjoying a Cleaner Home Today?

There are plenty of benefits that make maintaining a clean home worth it. From reduced allergens, cleaner air, and improving your stress levels, there has never been a better time to get professional house cleaning services.

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