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Whitefish Bay, WI House Cleaning and Maid Services

Golden Maid provides homeowners in Whitefish Bay, WI with a reliable, high-quality cleaning service every time.

Golden Maid is a licensed, bonded, and insured provider of home cleaning services throughout Whitefish Bay, WI and the Greater Milwaukee area.

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How Many Years Has Golden Maid Been Operational?2021-06-29T01:39:57+00:00

Golden Maid has been in business for over 19 years and we are currently the number one rated professional home cleaning company in the Milwaukee area.

Are Your Employees Subcontractors or Employees?2021-06-29T01:40:46+00:00

All of the maids working for us are employees of Golden Maid. They are fully trained and they are fully screened.

Do Your Employees Go Through Background Checks?2021-06-29T01:41:47+00:00

Yes, 100 percent of every employee that is hired goes through a background check. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that you are hiring someone that has been vetted by us.

Do You Offer Any Kind Of Discounts For Referrals?2021-06-29T01:42:32+00:00

100%. We will provide you with a discount equal to 50% off for any customer you refer. We pride ourselves on our referrals and we appreciate any customer that gives us one.

Is Your Company Insured and Bonded?2021-06-29T01:43:23+00:00

This is something you should always be looking for when you are h9iring a professional maid company. We are fully bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?2021-06-29T01:44:11+00:00

Golden Maid accepts checks, online payments including Zelle, and credit cards. Therefore, you have the flexibility for payment options.

When Do I Pay For The Service Provided?2021-06-29T01:44:58+00:00

You will end up paying on the day you receive the professional maid service.

Do I Have To Sign a Contract?2021-06-29T01:45:55+00:00

No, we don’t require customers to sign a contract. You maintain flexibility in being able to cancel your servicing whenever you want. We don’t believe in locking our customers into contracts.

Are You a Franchise?2021-06-29T01:46:39+00:00

No, Golden Maid is owner-operated. Therefore, you can count on us to deliver the highest quality service and not the inconsistent service you would normally expect from franchises.

What Should I Do With My Pets?2021-06-29T01:47:26+00:00

When you are getting a professional cleaning, you should look to house your pets. Your pet’s health and safety are paramount to us. Because of this, we recommend you keep your pets kenneled during the service. Some pets may get agitated or frightened due to the loud noises present with vacuuming and more.

Do I Have To Be At Home?2021-06-29T01:48:25+00:00

No, you don’t need to be at home during servicing. While it would be perfectly fine if you were, it’s not mandatory. You can go out and run errands as needed. Don’t feel the need to stick around if you can’t.

What If I Don’t Leave My Payment During Servicing?2021-06-29T01:49:13+00:00

If you don’t leave any cash or method of payment during the servicing, your credit card that’s on file will be charged. This will happen on the day you get cleaning service performed.

What Do I Need To Provide?2021-06-29T01:50:17+00:00

For your professional cleaning service, we recommend you provide us with some tools. After all, we care about the safety and health of your entire family. Because of this, we ask that you provide us with your toilet brush for every bathroom in your home. Also, a brush to handle cobwebs, and your vacuum. That way, we can vacuum carpets and avoid contaminating your home with tools we’ve used on other homes.

What If I Want and/or Need To Skip?2021-06-29T01:51:02+00:00

To skip your service, you should call us or contact us at least 24 hours before the scheduled servicing. If you happen to skip our service, you will be charged $45 the following time service is provided. We recommend you note down when you schedule service to avoid this type of charge.

What If I Have To Change The Day For Service?2021-06-29T01:51:44+00:00

You can always change the date if you want to get servicing on another day. We simply ask that you give us at least 24 hours of notice before doing so.

Do I Need To Tip?2021-06-29T01:52:30+00:00

It’s not 100% necessary. While we do recommend you give our employees tips if you feel as if they deserve it, you don’t feel like you have to.

What Is The Difference Between The General Maintenance Service and The Top To Bottom Deluxe Cleaning Service?2021-06-29T01:53:13+00:00

The general maintenance service is usually reserved for those that are getting frequent cleanings. Whereas, the top to bottom option is usually reserved for first-time customers that require deep and thorough cleaning. However, the type of service you get can be fully customized based on your wants and desires.

Do I Need To Provide a Key?2021-06-29T01:54:06+00:00

If you have a garage, you can give our professional maid your garage code. If not, you can leave a key in a lockbox near your front door or some other way.

What If Your Employee Is Unable To Enter?2021-06-29T01:54:50+00:00

If our employee comes to their servicing and they are unable to enter your home at the requested time, we will charge a 50% fee of the total written quote. We will always attempt to come back to your home on another day. That being said, you won’t always be able to get the same housekeeper.

Can I Pick The Time and Day?2021-06-29T01:55:41+00:00

Absolutely. We will work with you to pick the perfect time and day for your cleaning service.

Our Homeowners Say

Golden Maid has provided once-a-month cleaning for about 6 years. I recommend them to my friends. I have always been happy with their services.


Why Hiring Professional Cleaning Services Is So Beneficial

Maid Services in Whitefish Bay, WI

On average, Americans spend six hours per week on keeping their homes clean.

Maybe you have come to the realization that you do not have the energy or time any longer to dedicate to this time-consuming chore. That is why you are seriously considering finding a professional cleaning service to hire.

However, you still have to be completely convinced. So how can you benefit from hiring house cleaners? With so many advantages to choose from – below are nine of the top reasons why you should hire a housekeeping professional to clean your house.

1. Eliminate Germs

Even the best cleaning that you can do will never be as good as what you will receive from professional home cleaners. First of all, they are trained on how to properly sanitize and scour your house. When did you last deep clean your carpets or kitchen?

Here is a different way to consider hs – you may change the sheets on your bed once a month or every two weeks. However, a professional house cleaner is aware that your sheets need to be washed once per week in order to remove dust, dead skin cells, germs, and much more.

2. Clean Ignored Areas

When did you last dust the top of the cabinets in your kitchen? How about the ceiling fans?

If you can’t remember the last time, then hiring a professional cleaning service is a good idea. They have the necessary tools for getting the tough housecleaning chores completed that you cannot do easily yourself.

3. No Need To Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Your maid will show up with everything needed to clean your house. You may want to have some cleaning supplies on hand to do touch-ups in between cleaning appointments. However, they will bring all of the necessary specialty cleaning products, rags, and mops. You will not have to spend a lot of money on cleaning equipment any longer.

4. Your Pet’s Odor Will Be Eliminated

Almost 40 percent of U.S. households have a dog, and more than 25 percent have cats. If you are one of the millions of America’s pet owners, then you are already aware of one of the negative side effects of having a pet. They stink sometimes.

Your cleaning skills also don’t appear to eliminate the smell, either. That is another reason why you should consider hiring a professional. They are trained in how to eliminate unpleasant smells.

Maids can also eliminate stains, vacuum pet hair up and eliminate pet accidents from your furniture and carpets. You may come home and nearly forget that you even have a cat or dog.

5. Professional Cleaning Services Improve Your Allergies

Does the dust inside your house cause long sneezing fits? Are the air-purifying houseplants in your house insufficient?

Even after you have cleaned your house, you still are not eliminating airborne irritants such as dust. And they can cause your allergies to flare up and make you feel uncomfortable in your own house.

So hire a professional cleaner who can help to ease your dust sensitivity issues. They will use a high-powered vacuum to get rid of deeply set dust out of your carpets and also from surfaces – including ones that you tend to miss when you are doing the cleaning.

Doing that will also remove other irritants, including dirt, dead skin cells, and pet hair. The top professional cleaning services are able to easily eliminate these allergens.

6. Your Bathroom Will Really Sparkle

Even when you clean your bathroom on a regular basis, you probably don’t make it sparkle. A professional cleaning company can help you rediscover the sparkle in your bathroom.

Your toilet should be cleaned once a week and your tub and shower every two weeks. If you are unable to keep up with this schedule then your house may look dingier than it would if you were able to clean it according to the proper schedule.

Therefore, hiring a home cleaning service will restore the shine of your bathroom. And after it sparkles once again, you can feel confident that it will be just as sanitized as it is aesthetically appealing.

7. Professional House Cleaners Will Not Miss Any Spots

You may clean things as soon as you see that they are messy. Or perhaps you focus on the bathroom and kitchen, and neglect areas that do not show their wear after a few weeks – living room and bedrooms?

Professional cleaners will come to your house will a plan. That way, they won’t miss any spots. Their system helps to ensure that all floors and surfaces are cleaned This includes places you may skip, such as cabinet hardware and light switches will be cleaned thanks to the regimen they follow.

8. Your Family Will Be A Lot Safer

We have already touched on this when we covered that allergens will be removed from your home by your house cleaners. However, a home that is free of dust and dirt will not only improve your indoor air quality. It also will make it much safer for your pets and children.

Babies learn how to walk and crawl by moving across the floor. When you have a professional cleaning service they will not have o move over any dirty surfaces. Also, solid particles that are in their path can harm their small feet and hands – and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

The same is true for pets – small dropped items and solid particles can also be dangerous to them. That is why you want to keep the area clean for your family’s pets as well.

9. You Will Have Even More Free Time

We previously said that Americans spend on average six hours per week on cleaning. If you hire somebody to take of the chore, then you will not have to spend your free time cleaning your house.

It’s Time to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

It is a good chance that all or some of these benefits may have convinced you. If so, then it’s time for you to hire a professional cleaning service. We can definitely help you.

We can provide all of the above benefits to you due to our skilled work and hardworking team. Contact us by clicking here. Get your first session scheduled and see for yourself why it is so worthwhile to hire a cleaning professional.

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