Have you ever tried cleaning glass tables or cleaning glass windows, only to find that you left streaks and dust in place? No matter how much you spray on the surface and wipe, it seems almost impossible to leave a streak-free, shining surface in place.

However, it’s important to know that it’s possible. Even better, the proper method will take you less time overall.

With this in mind, read on to learn how to clean glass without streaks so you can clean more efficiently!

Try a Homemade Cleaner

You’ll find that the majority of commercial glass cleaners will do the trick when it comes to cleaning glass mirrors. One of the most effective and popular options is Windex glass cleaner, but you can also use Method if you want a natural and non-toxic formula.

If you don’t want to keep purchasing glass cleaner, you can also try making your own glass cleaner and keeping it in its own spray bottle. All you need are two things that you probably already have in your home: distilled water and distilled white vinegar.

Distilled water is recommended because hard water could be the cause of the streaks and grime left behind. Hard water has an accumulation of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are the culprits when it comes to streaks.

Pairing the distilled water in a 50/50 ratio with white vinegar will give you a non-toxic and antibacterial cleaner for a fraction of the price.

Toss the Paper Towels

Did you know that your paper towels may be contributing to the grime left over? The majority of paper towels leave behind lint that becomes obvious on shiny surfaces like mirrors and glass top tables. Instead, opt to use a microfiber cloth or a squeegee instead.

If you want an even more affordable route, you can use any old newspapers you have around or a clean t-shirt. These materials won’t leave behind lint, and you can toss the t-shirt in the wash when you’re done. You’ll find that newspapers won’t hold up well to moisture very long, so keep a small pile next to you as you clean your glass.

Start from the Top

One of our top glass cleaning tips is to start at the top of the mirror or window and work your way down. You should do this because even if the cleaner drips, you’ll be able to wipe it up efficiently as you work your way down. Starting from the top may also dislodge dust and grime that will float its way down and possibly stick on the mirror below.

You’ll be able to clean up this dislodged dirt without having to spend extra time cleaning.

The Right Technique

It’s often recommended to spray the window cleaner directly on your microfiber cloth, newspaper, or t-shirt instead of the glass. The reason is that this will help you avoid drips that can leave streaks if you don’t wipe them up quickly.

You also need to be more careful with windows and mirrors with wood frames. Product dripping onto the wood over time can warp and damage it.

Spraying on the glass also makes you use more product than you actually need. If you produce too many suds while you’re cleaning your glass, you’re more prone to leave behind streaks. Using a smaller amount of product applied to your cloth will make it less likely that streaks are left behind.

Plus, you’ll find that you actually need less than you think you’ll need for a streak-free shine.

Buff It Out

When it comes to how to clean glass the right way, it’s important to remember that it’s not always going to come out perfectly. Even if you’ve used a microfiber cloth, distilled water, and a small amount of product, you might still notice that there are streaks left behind.

You can buff out those streaks by taking a dry cloth and swiping it over them. You’ll find that they’ll disappear quickly when you use light, fast strokes over the span of the table, mirror, or window. Best of all, this takes only a few seconds!

Scraping Substances

Sometimes you’ll find that there are sticky substances that are clinging to your glass table. Using glass cleaner on these substances isn’t a great idea, because they can smear across the table and create even more of a mess. Instead, use plastic to scrape off any substances before you start cleaning.

This can be done with a plastic utensil, card, or even a plastic paint scraper. We recommend plastic because it can’t scratch glass! If there are especially stubborn areas, we recommend dabbing them with a bit of liquid dish soap. Let it sit for a little before wiping the dish soap as well as the substance away.

How to Clean Glass Without Streaks: Use the Right Technique

Learning how to clean glass without streaks is all about your technique and the products you use. Make sure to use a commercial glass cleaner or try a combination of distilled water and white vinegar.

Once you have the product ready, use a microfiber cloth, t-shirt, or newspaper instead of paper towels. Spray the product on your cloth instead of on the mirror in order to avoid drips that you’ll need to wipe up. Most of the time, you’ll find that you’ll have a streak-free shine with a minimal amount of effort!

If you’re still noticing streaks, you can buff them out with a dry microfiber cloth. Use quick, light motions.

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