Coffee is one of the most common carpet stains, yet one of the most difficult to remove.  Removing the spot immediately is the best solution, because if it’s allowed to remain on the carpet, the oils and dyes in the coffee will penetrate the pores of the carpet fiber and become a permanent stain.

Here are some tips for removing old coffee spots:

  • If possible, extract the area with a portable extractor and hand tool.
  • Apply a detergent spotter to the spot, agitate and rinse the area. This removes the oils from the carpet fiber.
  • Apply a tannin spotter, agitate and rinse. This step is necessary because coffee beans are acidic. A strong, acid tannin spotter is needed to remove the dye stain left from coffee.
  • Finally, use a detergent spotter or protein spotter to remove any milk or creamer stains, then rinse thoroughly.
  • If you don’t have the necessary spotters and/or equipment, call us!