You could probably be cleaning your home in half the time. Read on to learn how to speed clean your home.

Speed cleaning. The teenage you would probably say, “Speed cleaning? You mean when I kick my dirty clothes under the bed and put everything else in the closet?”

No, we’re not talking about that adolescent, whirlwind kind of speed cleaning.

We’re talking about real, adult life, 2019 tips to getting your house cleaner in less time. Obviously, you want to start a habit of cleaning a little every day. But, if you’re still getting into the cleaning groove, we can help.

So without further, ado, here’s a quick guide on how to clean fast.

Stay Targeted

When you’re trying to speed clean, it’s important to have a cleaning checklist of sorts, but you want to keep that list as narrow and targeted as possible. Start with the highest priority areas first, working your way down if time permits.

Set a timer. It’ll keep you motivated (like the world’s most boring game show) as the time ticks down.

Try to limit your physical movements as much as possible, staying to smaller areas when possible. We’ve all been in the middle of cleaning and gotten distracted by something in the hallway while you were putting something else away.

It’s all about minimizing distractions as much as possible.

Turn off the TV – visual stimulus will only take your attention away from the matter at hand, slowing down you speed clean significantly.

Make It as Fun as It Can Be

Sure, I know we just told you not to watch TV, but that doesn’t mean speed cleaning can’t be ANY fun.

Listening to an upbeat playlist can have you subconsciously speed cleaning in half the time. Pop on some headphones or crank up your speakers, because getting lot in the music is half the point.

You want to make sure the music is the loudest thing in your mind, so none of those other thoughts can creep up to distract you.

If music’s not your thing, a comedy podcast or something energetic can also lead the tons of your speed cleaning sesh.

Address the Big Stuff First

Okay, now that we’ve set our intentions and established the mood, it’s time to get to business. If you’re cleaning a bedroom or a family room, sweep the area of major debris first.

Clothes? In the hamper. Toys? In their place. Pillows? Rearranged.

Once you’ve swept the area for all the major stuff, it’ll be easier to get a handle on cleaning surfaces or wiping off fabrics.

Bathrooms come with their own set of specific bathroom cleaning hacks.

Use a Catch-All Basket

So, now that you’ve got all the biggest stuff put away, having a handheld catch-all basket will speed up the rest of your tidying. All those items I like to call the “unpopped popcorn kernels” can really add up. The cords. The pens. The magazines.

Everything that has a proper place should be thrown into a basket while you’re speed cleaning. It’s an easy way to tuck it all out of sight until you have the time to sort everything later.

Wipe It Down

Once you’ve got all the real household debris cleaned up, it’s time to move onto the wipe down. Smooth off any couches, bed covers, curtains, or really any fabrics that need to be tended to.

Then whip out the squirt bottle and attack those surfaces with that speed cleaning fire power. Use both hands, wielding your bottle in one hand and a cloth in the other. Take no prisoners as you tidy.

If you’ve got a few extra minutes to spare, the last step here would be vacuuming or wiping down the floors. Now that you’ve wiped everything else down a lot of life’s littlest crumbs will have found their way to the floor.

Find a Partner

This one’s a simple tip. Work goes faster with more people, but if you’ve got one or two speed cleaning partners makes sure you’re all aligned on how to clean fast. Share your checklist and have each person approach a separate task to make the most of your time.

Don’t Neglect the Second Most Important Sense

A space that smells clean feels cleaner almost instantly. There are a few ways to mask your space with a clean scent, but our favorites are fresh-scented sprays and citrus-scented candles.

The most important thing to keep in mind is not to overpower your space with scent. A headache-inducing smell can often be worse than somewhere that smells just faintly off.

Speed Clean Your Own Way

The most important tip to unlock Speed Clean Pro Mode is to make it your own. Work however you work best and make sure to develop your own rhythm. And if all else fails, next time learn all the tips and tricks from the cleaning professionals. Or better yet, just book one to come clean for you.