The average American spends almost 24 hours a month cleaning. That’s why it can seem all too impossible to get your house in shape with all of the other responsibilities, from work to dependents — but it is possible!

Even if you have a limited amount of time, you can barrel through the obstacles and get things done.

Trying to get your house clean as quickly as possible? Here are some tips for house cleaning in a single weekend. By Monday, your house will look and feel incredible.

Set a Realistic Schedule

While you might want to get all of your house cleaning done in the six hour span of Saturday evening, that’s probably not realistic. Not just because of the size of your house, but because you’ll likely burn out and need breaks. Cleaning can be surprisingly taxing!

Instead, set a realistic schedule and break up the tasks. Tackle a few on Saturday morning, a few in the afternoon (with a break in between) and then return on Sunday. Leave yourself a window in case you feel on the edge of burnout and need extra breaks.

Remember, trying to power through it all in a short window either means it won’t get done or you’ll end up not doing the best job you could have.

Tackle the Difficult Tasks First

When creating your schedule, it’s a good idea to tackle the hard tasks at the beginning. By doing this, you can get them out of the way and then only be left with the easy ones.

If you do it the other way around, you’ll get a little tired after the easy tasks and may not even be able to fathom doing the hard ones. Take advantage of your motivation while it’s at its peak.

Also remember to consider what the hard tasks are for you. It may be the ones that are physically taxing or it may just be the ones that you enjoy the least.

Motivate Yourself

One of the best house cleaning tips is to keep yourself motivated. No one wants to clean in silence.

Instead, figure out what best motivates you personally. For some, that’s their favorite show playing in the background. For others, it’s a playlist of motivational songs to get them through the tasks and keep them working hard.

If something isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to stop and try something else.

Keep in mind the end result too, as imagining how lovely and clean your house will feel is another great motivator.

Enlist the Help of Friends and Family

If it really feels impossible to get your house clean in a weekend, why not enlist the help of friends or family? Especially if they live with you!

Make sure to split up the tasks and figure out what each of you hates doing so another can take that job. That way, you might be able to avoid burnout altogether.

People hate asking for help, and there are some psychological reasons why many find it so hard. However, if you can get past this barrier and really express when you need assistance, you’ll discover the benefits.

Get Everything You Need Ahead of Time

When cleaning every area of your house, you’re going to need different equipment and substances — and one of the best deep cleaning house tips is to get these things beforehand so you don’t have to break to go find them. If you keep realizing that you don’t have something you need, you’ll have to keep leaving the house and it’ll put a major dent in what you’re trying to do. 

Make a checklist beforehand. Go room by room to ensure you’ve truly gathered everything you need and then go get it in one shopping trip before you begin the task of cleaning the whole house.

Hire Professionals

There are times it really is impossible to clean your house in a whole weekend. It might need a big deep clean, your house may be too large, or you may simply not be an expert in the fastest way to do it. There’s no shame in that.

Hiring professional help is the best way to get your house clean in a weekend. While you might be worried about the expenses, you’d be surprised at how much buying or renting your own cleaning equipment will cost, and it may actually work out to be worth it.

Professionals will also do a much better job than you could because they have the experience and knowhow to get rid of those old stubborn stains and odors.

Make sure you shop around for the best company if you choose to go this route. Ask about their experience, read their online reviews to ensure they have happy clients, and ask them about their scheduling and prices to ensure it’s within your budget and the job can get done when you need it to.

These Tips for House Cleaning Will Get Your Home Looking Great

Remember these tips for house cleaning if you need to get your home looking great in a weekend. Set a realistic schedule, split up tasks between others where possible, and get everything you need in advance if you’re going to attempt the job yourself.

If the task seems too monumental, you should hire professionals. The cost is likely more reasonable than you think in comparison to buying your own cleaning equipment and they’ll do a quick and efficient job.

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