Golden Maid Inc.

Margarita Coka is an entrepreneur and the creator and founder of Golden Maid incorporated.  18 years ago, Margarita struggled between working full time, going to school, balancing a marriage, and raising her two young children. Soon she found out that weekends weren’t much different than weekdays. There was never enough time to clean and keep up with the house — something she enjoyed doing. Sitting down with friends and Family, Margarita understood that she wasn’t alone, and she set out to fix the problem.

In 2002, Margarita quit work and school and opened her own residential cleaning service: Golden Maid. Since then, Golden Maid has served thousands of families in Milwaukee and the surrounding area. What started as a sole ownership business 18 years ago has now become a very successful business that continues to grow every year. 

Golden Maid is an owner-operated, local, successful, responsible, trustworthy and a well-recognized Milwaukee cleaning company that aims to improve our reach along with the growing economy. We provide eco-friendly products when we are in process of completing the service. Our employees are trained by the best. We run background checks prior hiring because we believe it is important to send someone trustworthy into our customers’ homes. We have always thought about our customers first and because of that we send 1 person per home so that we can be more efficient. Furthermore, Golden Maid provides impeccable customer service and focuses 100% on customer satisfaction. Our employees deliver the highest level of excellence. 

Pick up the phone today to schedule a cleaning service. We will be more than delighted to serve you for one time service or in the years to come.