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22 10, 2019

Quick and Easy: A Simple Guide on How to Clean Blinds

By |2019-10-22T17:29:39+00:00October 22nd, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

What household chore do you hate the most? Some people say doing the laundry, or people loathe washing dishes after dinner. And yet, the dusting and cleaning of rooms are the most hated household chore by Americans. That includes dusting down your window blinds. There are so many expensive dusty [...]

1 10, 2019

Here’s How to Deep Clean Carpet Without a Machine

By |2019-10-01T14:46:55+00:00October 1st, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

Do you know how much dirt and gunk your carpet can accumulate? If you have kids or pets you do... An uncleaned carpet can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Don't become one of the many homeowners paralyzed by the notion of cleaning your carpet just because you [...]

27 09, 2019

How to Get Streak-Free Windows so You Can Watch the Birds Fly By

By |2019-09-27T17:11:47+00:00September 27th, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

Don't you love opening your blinds in the morning to let in natural light and enjoy your surroundings? This is probably true unless you look out of your windows only to see streaks and grime. Sure, you clean the glass but you haven't quite figured out how to get streak-free [...]

17 09, 2019

Bathtub Blues: How to Clean a Bathtub the Right Way

By |2021-02-17T15:19:34+00:00September 17th, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

There's nothing better than taking a nice relaxing soak in the tub after a long day or workweek. Unless of course, your tub needs a good cleaning! Treat yourself to a nice hot bath without the tub gunk. Keep reading to learn how to clean a bathtub so it looks [...]

28 08, 2019

9 Ways a Tidy Room Can Boost Your Mental Health

By |2021-02-11T17:19:33+00:00August 28th, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

According to the Huffington Post, clutter makes your life less enjoyable in many ways. One such way is increasing stress. Unfinished projects, for example, can easily increase your level of depression. A tidy room, on the other hand, has many benefits beyond its clean look. Having a tidy room won't just look [...]

12 08, 2019

7 Dangerous Chemicals You Want to Avoid in Your Household Cleaners

By |2019-08-12T15:22:16+00:00August 12th, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

The USA has approved over 62,000 chemicals you probably use daily in your housework. From that number, they have only tested 300, which have been proven safe for humans and the environment. So what about the remaining 61,700 chemicals? Are they safe for use? That's a great question. With no [...]

19 07, 2019

How to Organize Books and Get a Clean, Decluttered Room

By |2019-07-19T15:18:33+00:00July 19th, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

There are few things more nourishing to have around the house than a good book. But if you're a voracious reader, it's easy for books to begin to pile up and take over. Decluttering your books and your room at large can be a breath of fresh air. Not only [...]

2 07, 2019

How to Clean the Kitchen and Create a Sanitized Space for Cooking

By |2019-07-02T15:18:21+00:00July 2nd, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

The kitchen should be the cleanest part of the house, there is no debate on that. It should be cleaned as often as possible, sanitized and disinfected after every use. Most people only wash the dishes, clean the counter tops, rinse off the sink, and sweep the floor. They easily [...]

23 06, 2019

Let it Go: How to Declutter Your Home and Stay Organized

By |2021-03-18T21:27:13+00:00June 23rd, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

Have you been tuning in to Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix? The queen of decluttering walks homeowners through the process of organizing their home. Millions of people love this show and Kondo. And, it’s no surprise why. Having a clutter-free home feels amazing. You can always find what you’re looking for; [...]

10 06, 2019

Brush Away Your Troubles: The Top Dusting Tips for a Pristine Home

By |2019-06-10T13:21:46+00:00June 10th, 2019|Cleaning Tips|

Do you ever look around your house and wonder how the dust built up so fast? Didn’t you just clean it? Without efficient methods and materials, dust accumulates faster than it should. Learn the best ways to keep the dust mites at bay. You don’t have to increase the number of times [...]

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