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Menomonee Falls House Cleaning and Maid Services

Golden Maid provides homeowners in Menomonee Falls with a reliable, high-quality cleaning service every time.

Golden Maid is a licensed, bonded, and insured provider of home cleaning services throughout Menomonee Falls and the Greater Milwaukee area.

Find out how we can make your life easier!

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Limited Use
of Chemicals

How long has Golden Maid been in business?2021-02-12T20:41:13+00:00

Golden Maid is entering its 19th year of being in business. We are proud of our reputation and strive to be the top house cleaning company in Milwaukee.

Are your employee’s actual employees or are they subcontractors?2021-02-12T20:41:30+00:00

Every employee that works for us is full. We do not subcontract our work out. You can trust that each of our employees goes through a rigorous professional screening and training process.

Do you conduct a background check on all of your employees?2021-02-12T20:41:43+00:00

Yes, every single one of our employees goes through a background check before we hire them.

Do you offer discounts for referrals?2021-02-12T20:42:26+00:00

We love being referred from satisfied clients and we are happy to give our referring customers a 50% discount on your next cleaning for every referral that hires us.

Is your company fully insured and bonded?2021-02-12T20:42:40+00:00

Yes, we are insured and bonded and our customer’s safety is our priority.

What type of payments do you accept?2021-02-12T20:43:24+00:00

For your convenience, Golden Maid accepts credit cards and online payments via Zelle.

When am I supposed to pay?2021-02-12T20:43:39+00:00

You are expected to pay on the day of service.

Do I need to sign a contract?2021-02-12T20:44:11+00:00

No, we don’t make our customers sign any contract and you are free to cancel at your discretion with at least 24 hours notice.

Is Golden Maid a franchise?2021-02-12T20:44:29+00:00

No, we are not a cleaning franchise. We are an owner-operator so you can expect dedicated service.

What do I need to do with my pets during the cleaning service?2021-02-12T20:44:41+00:00

We care about all of our client’s pets. Cats are not usually a problem at all. Typically, dogs can be fine around our housekeepers but some of them may get agitated due to the loud and unusual sounds stemming from the vacuum cleaner. Thus, to guarantee the safety of your pets and our housekeepers, we ask that you keep your pets away during cleaning visits.

Do I need to be home the entire time my house is being cleaned?2021-02-12T20:45:03+00:00

Not necessarily. You can either be home or run some errands while our housekeepers are working.

What do I need to provide for cleaning?2021-02-12T20:45:18+00:00

Because we care about the health and safety of all of our clients, we ask that you provide a vacuum, a brush for cobwebs, and a toilet brush for each bathroom. We do not recommend using our supplies to minimize cross-contamination and to avoid dropping germs and bacteria around your home.

What if I need to skip a scheduled service?2021-02-12T20:46:30+00:00

You will need to notify us of your desire to skip the service at least 24 hours prior or you will be subject to a $45 charge added to the next bill. We ask that you keep in mind your scheduled services to avoid this.

What if I need to change my service date?2021-02-12T20:47:03+00:00

You can always change the date of your scheduled service subject to availability. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours of notice.

Do I need to tip my cleaners?2021-02-12T20:47:18+00:00

While it’s not required, our cleaners do appreciate being tipped if they do a satisfactory job. Our employees work to deliver ultimate satisfaction.

What is the difference between the Top to Bottom Deluxe and Maintenance/General Cleaning Service?2021-02-12T20:47:30+00:00

The Top to Bottom Deluxe service that we offer is typically for those who are getting their first cleanings. Otherwise, it would be an annual service for existing customers. This is due to the fact it is a deep and detailed cleaning that isn’t needed all of the time. We fully customize the service to our customer’s needs and their requests. We work to clean all of the areas of the home that you wouldn’t normally get with general cleaning.

Do I need to provide a key or code to Golden Maid?2021-02-12T20:48:22+00:00

We do not hold keys. We would rather you provide us with a code for your garage or smart door lock. If not, you could get a lockbox for your front door.

What if the employee isn’t able to get into the home to clean?2021-02-12T20:48:44+00:00

If the employee is unable to gain entry, you will be charged half of your quote. While we will attempt to come another day, we might not be able to send the same housekeeper.

Am I able to choose the day and time of the cleaning service?2021-02-12T20:48:58+00:00

Yes, we can work with you to choose the right day and time for your service.

Our Homeowners Say

Golden Maid has provided once-a-month cleaning for about 6 years. I recommend them to my friends. I have always been happy with their services.


Reasons to Consider Hiring A Professional House Cleaner

Maid Services in Menomonee Falls, WI

When you are unable to keep your house clean properly, it will naturally start influencing you in a negative way. Not only does a dirty home mean trouble for your physical health, but it also speaks to your mental health. Add to this the daily pressures you already face, such as going to work and taking care of a family, then it gets even harder to make time for house cleaning.

The good news is that you do not have to leave your home in a state every time. Instead, you can hire professional cleaners to do the work for you. You will also be happy to know that professional cleaners do an extra good job.

To help you decide whether you need professional cleaners, here is a look at just some of the most common benefits. Once you have a better idea of how easy cleaners can make your life, it becomes much easier to make a decision.

More Effective Tools

Do you have specific cleaning supplies you use to clean your home? Or do you randomly buy supplies according to affordability? What you really should be asking is whether these cleaning products actually work. Although, cleaning supplies are not something you have to worry about when you hire professional cleaners because they bring the most effective tools and supplies with them.

A good example would be trying to deep-clean with a cheap vacuum that is simply not up to the task. If you want to collect every speck of dust from the carpet, you are going to need a HEPA vacuum.

Guess what? When you use the right cleaning company, they are going to show up with a HEPA vacuum and much more. They also know exactly how to use the vacuum for the best results.

So, it is safe to assume that a professional cleaner is going to give your home precisely what it requires – a deep clean every time. Whether the dust sticks to your floors, furniture, or your curtains, professional cleaners have their methods of removing dust from any surface.

Clean Every Corner

With your busy schedule in place, there is a good chance that you speed through the house cleaning chores. And even when you do decide to do a little deeper cleaning, there always seems to be corners or areas you miss.

But you can trust a professional cleaner to reach every inch and corner of your home or apartment. This is very comforting to know because then you can rest assured your home is perfectly clean from top to bottom. Especially the corners and areas you miss or struggle to reach.

Rediscover Your Free Time

It is estimated that women spend on average 2.5 hours a day cleaning their homes. As for men, they usually take 1.2 hours out of their day for home cleaning activities. Now, when you add these hours up over the course of a week or month, how much time did you spend just cleaning?

Hence the reason for hiring a professional cleaner instead.

When they take over the responsibility, you get more time to relax and be with family and friends. You can even focus better at work.

And what about situations where you offer to host a spur of the moment dinner? If you have a professional cleaner that comes over regularly, you do not have to rush home to make sure everything is clean.

Reduce Your Stress

As mentioned earlier, dirty and cluttered areas are going to have a negative influence on your overall well-being. For instance, the clutter just being there is enough to put you in a bad mood and raise your stress level. And once your stress level gets pushed to the limit, it leads to other problems like emotional eating, acne, frustration, and irritability.

Also, do not be surprised if you struggle to concentrate, develop headaches, or feel your blood pressure rising when your home stays cluttered.

But you can avoid all these bad things by just calling a professional cleaning company. They will be more than happy to take this type of stress off your hands, so you can focus on relaxing and decompressing. You deserve it, don’t you?

A Healthier Home.  A Healthier Family.

With a cluttered and dirty house comes many different allergens. These include dander, pollen, and mold. Some homeowners do not even realize these dangers are brooding inside their homes right now.

Luckily, you can address this problem by getting a professional cleaner on a regular basis.

If you don’t, then you run the risk of letting these allergens build up and become even more dangerous to you and your family. And the last thing you want is for your family to get sick due to allergens in the air. In fact, your family has a better chance of staying healthy when your home is clean.

Expert Techniques From Professional Cleaners

Always remember that professional cleaners are more than just experienced. They have special knowledge when it comes to removing specific stains from specific materials. That’s right. Using the wrong chemicals or cleaning tactics on the wrong material can only lead to damage. But professional cleaners are trained to know what supplies to use and when to use them.

Save Money In The Long Run

Right now, you might think that hiring professional cleaners is going to be expensive. But take a moment to calculate all the money you spend on cleaning supplies and equipment every month. Add to this your valuable time, and see how these costs weigh up against professional cleaner rates. And keep in mind they bring their own supplies and equipment. There is also the matter of preserving your belongings because they are cleaned properly on a regular basis.

Maintain A Cleaning Schedule

Last but not least, professional cleaners help you to stick to a schedule. They won’t have any excuses for not showing up and doing a great job. And when you stick to a regular cleaning schedule where every inch of the home is covered, you don’t have to worry about that dreaded Spring cleaning. More importantly, it becomes easier to maintain a clean home.

If you want to take charge and keep your home in the best shape, call us for a quote today. Because nobody cleans it better than we do.

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