Cleaning is a very tedious chore that never seems to be fully accomplished. In fact, in the United States, most people spend about 12,896 hours cleaning throughout their lives.

Those long hours are why many Americans decide to hire professional house cleaners to take on this never-ending burden. 

Finding a housekeeper will free up lots of time and effort, and you can prioritize other chores or hobbies in the meantime. 

Keep reading to learn how to choose house cleaning services that will work for your home today!  

Check Reviews and References

Most customer-based businesses deal with a large clientele, depending on their industry. Their customers have had good or bad experiences with the company and are usually willing to share their impressions. 

The best way to find opinions is to check for online customer reviews. Here, you’ll get an overall census of how the company conducts business and if most people speak positively. 

After researching online, you can dig deeper by asking the cleaning company for a reference sheet. This sheet will give you the contact information of previous customers that you can contact.

To get a variety of thoughts, call three to five references. Always be sure to ask for an overall rating and if they would use their services again in the future. You can also ask any questions you are curious about that deals with the cleaning service. 


When looking for a cleaning company to work with, you always want to check out their house cleaning experience. To ensure you get a company that does the job efficiently and adequately, they should have years of experience. This will keep you from worrying about the job getting done correctly. 

As you ask about their experience, you can also request an overview of how they will clean your home. They should be able to explain how things will be cleaned directly. If they beat around the bush or are unsure, you may have a young company that doesn’t have much experience in the field. 

Background Checks

Cleaning companies have multiple employees that may be cleaning your home at one point or another. Many times, cleanings are done while the homeowners are away. Therefore, it’s essential that you have cleaners that you can trust and not worry about in your home alone. 

You will need to check that the company you’re interested in conducts background checks on all their employees. This will bring you significant comfort, knowing that they are reliable and don’t have a criminal past. 

Insurance and Liability

When searching for a cleaning company to work with, you must ensure they have legitimate insurance policies. Some smaller companies don’t carry insurance to cut costs, so they may not be the best choice in case of accidents. 

Once you find a company with insurance, you will ensure any legal liability is taken off you should any accidents occur. This policy also holds the cleaning company responsible for any damages or repairs that they cause.  

Worker’s compensation insurance should also be included with their contracts. Should a housekeeper ever be injured in your home, you will not be held accountable for any reason. 


Companies have different prices for their services. Your home is unique and may need a different cleaning plan than other homes. A cleaning company will understand this and provide a customized cleaning cost to your needs. 

Comparing cleaning costs in your area is a great idea when searching for the best price. Many companies will provide free quotes so you can get an overall idea of the total price. You can then decide which price and services match your needs the best. 

Quality Assurance 

Before finalizing which cleaning company to work with, always make sure they offer a quality assurance policy. This policy will guarantee your satisfaction and ensure the company cleans your home to your standards. 

Many times housekeepers can forget to clean specific areas or objects. Mistakes are usually found after you do a walkthrough and overview their work. If you find any flaws, contact the cleaning company as soon as possible. 

Under their policy, they should reclean the issue until you’re happy. This will always guarantee you are pleased with their overall work and shines a good light on them as a company. 


Not all cleaning companies are the same, meaning they could offer differing services altogether. Before booking a cleaning, always see if their services will suit your home. Most businesses provide a service list that can be found on their website. 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact the business directly to ask for customized cleaning options. Some will stick to their provided services, while some may make exceptions. 

Cleaning Products

Housekeepers need specific house cleaning products and equipment to get the job done. Some companies provide everything they will need. However, smaller companies may ask that you provide some larger equipment. 

Before scheduling a cleaning, ask what you need to provide the cleaner to avoid confusion. If you don’t have what they need, you may need to choose a different option that supplies everything. 

How to Choose House Cleaning Services 

When you finally choose house cleaning services, you must set your standards high to ensure your needs are met. 

Hopefully, each of these tips will have you in a clean home in no time! 

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