Around 10% of American households used maid services to clean their homes the previous year. The US Department of Commerce experts 80% of two-income households in the country to use a maid cleaning service within the next few years. Why are so many homeowners choosing to use a maid service in their homes? 

Professional maid services companies not only help keep your home tidy and organized. They also ensure your home is sanitized, clean, and healthy. When you’re home’s healthy, your family is healthy and that’s what’s most important. 

How can you find the best maid cleaning services in your area? Continue reading below for a list of helpful tips to keep in mind while on the hunt. Here’s everything you need to know!

1. Conduct Some Online Research

To learn more about a maid cleaning company, you need to conduct online research. You can start by conducting a general search for maid services near you. After the search results come up, take your time visiting the website of each maid service. 

Learn everything you can about each company on their website. Visit the “About” section and determine what the company’s morals or values are. How much experience does the company have and what type of experience?

Then, read reviews from past and current clients. 

Do these clients recommend the maid services? If so, why? What are some of the things they’re saying about the company?

2. Gather References and Referrals

You can find references and referrals by contacting various maid service companies and speaking with friends and family. A professional maid service should be able to provide you with a few references. If so, then call each reference and ask a few questions about the cleaning services. 

It’s ideal to prepare a list of questions in advance to ask. Don’t forget to ask why they recommend that specific cleaning service to you. Then, get in touch with friends and family who’ve hired maid services in the past.

Which maid services did they use and would they recommend those services to you? Now is the time to start preparing a list of maid services you’re considering. Write down the names of the companies and all of the pros and cons under each one. 

This list will help you make the best decision. 

3. Ask About Maid Cleaning Services

As you begin to narrow down your options, do be sure to take into consideration the type of cleaning services the company offers. Not all companies will offer the same type of cleaning services, so it’s important to know what you need and what’s offered. 

You may be able to find a list of services on the company’s website, but don’t hesitate to ask the company directly as well. For example, if you need top-to-bottom deluxe cleaning, will the company provide that to you? Do they offer move-in and move-out cleaning services or post-construction cleaning?

Have an idea of what you need before contacting them about offered services. They may be able to work with you and offer you the type of cleaning your house needs even if not listed on their services page. 

4. Inquire About Experience

Finding a cleaning service with experience is essential because you want someone who’s come across many cleaning obstacles in the past and knows how to handle them with ease. For example, an experienced maid service may have come across difficulties cleaning a specific area in homes before. Now, they know how to tackle those problem areas without trouble. 

They may use upgraded cleaning products or equipment to get the job done. An experienced maid service also knows how to keep their clients happy. With many years of working with clients, a company begins to understand what most clients expect and require. 

5. Ensure They Have Licenses and Insurance

Check with your state to determine what licenses and certifications (if any) are required for a maid service to run a legal business. Then, you want to ensure the maid service you choose has those requirements. It’s always beneficial to go with a licensed and insured company. 

A license shows they’re a legitimate business while insurance is there to protect both you and the company if anything were to get damaged in your home or if anyone were to be injured while in your home. Ask the company to provide you with proof of both. 

6. Compare Maid Services Company Quotes

The last thing you can do before making a final decision is to compare quotes between the different maid companies. You want to wait until you’ve narrowed down your search before taking this step. Use all of the information given above to first find a few reputable and trustworthy companies near you. 

You can then determine which company offers the fairest price for the highest-quality services from there. You never want to choose a company solely based on the price of services as this could affect the quality of the cleaning done or the type of cleaning services offered. 

Are You in Need of Professional Maid Services?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or short on time, don’t hesitate to hire professional maid services. A reputable cleaning service will keep your home clean, sanitized, and healthy while you can relax and focus on other things in life. If you’re considering hiring maid services, then look no further than the Golden Maid. 

We’ve been operating for more than 18 years in the Milwaukee area and look forward to providing you with optimal cleaning services. Request a quote today to get started.