The Must-Have Cleaning Supplies for Every Home

To have a clean home, you need the right cleaning supplies. Read on to learn about the must-have cleaning supplies for your home.

It’s nearly Spring, the weather’s warming up, so what better time to clean your home.

Cleaning is hard work, so first, you need to make sure you’ve got the right cleaning supplies.

This article will show you how to put together tried and tested cleaning products and tools to make your job a little easier.

Essential Cleaning Supplies

There are essential household cleaning products you’ll need to carry out the task. Using the right products will speed up the process and give a better result.


Whether your floors have carpets, rugs, hardwood, lino or tiles a good vacuum is a must.

Many people forget the accessories that come with a vacuum, such as nozzles. As well as floors, you can attach a nozzle to do walls, curtains, upholstery and stairs.

Hard floors need to be washed once they’ve been vacuumed. A mop and bucket will do the job with warm water and dish-washing soap solution.


When the sun shines you can see how clean your windows are and if there are any streaks.

Some people swear by sheets of newspaper to clean glass, so as not to leave streaks. Alternatively, chamois leather is a good choice to add to your window cleaning supplies.

Bedroom and Living Room

Dusting is probably one of the most disliked household chores, part from ironing.

Microfiber cloths can make the task easier as they attract dust and dirt and can be used wet, too.


The kitchen needs particular attention as it’s where food is stored and prepared.

Sponges and microfiber cloths are best, but be sure to wash them regularly to keep them germ-free.

An all-purpose cleaner can be used on work surfaces and appliances. Marble or granite worktops need only warm water and a mild detergent, such as dish-washing solution.

Be sure to clean stainless steel carefully as it can be easily scratched.


The bathroom is another room that can harbor germs, so you’ll need to have a fairly rigorous cleaning routine.

A toilet brush is essential for keeping your toilet germ-free. You’ll also need cloths and sponges for the toilet seat and cover, basins and bath or shower area.

Be sure to keep the cloths you use for the toilet, separate from those you use in other areas of the bathroom.

Tiles and grouting can be cleaned with a sponge and brush.

An all-purpose cleaner can be used on most areas in the bathroom. The toilet will benefit from a disinfectant to kill germs.

Tried and Tested Cleaning Tips

There are some cleaning hacks that have been used for many years because they work. It’s always useful to have a few cleaning tricks up your sleeve.

White Vinegar

This cleaning product can be used for most areas and will cut through grease easily. It can be used on windows for a streak-free finish.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t leave a vinegary smell, either.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is slightly abrasive and will foam up when mixed with water. the foaming action lifts and dissolves dirt and grease.

It is a great cleaner for inside your fridge as it eliminates odor.


Hang on to your old toothbrushes and use them for cleaning all those difficult to get to spaces.

If you don’t have old ones, buy an inexpensive pack just for cleaning.

Help is at Hand!

Whatever your situation, even with the best cleaning supplies coupled with good intentions, you may need a helping hand.

That’s where we come. As experts in cleaning, we can make your house shine from top to bottom.

If you’d like to hire a maid, contact us today.